"Welcome a mind & body that resemble love, strength, growth & freedom"

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Mellow Tribe A little insight into the vision 

Mellow Tribe Yoga supports the health & wellness of individual minds as a tool to guide you to let go of unwanted stiffness in the body, negative thought patterns in the mind, and to create a body & mind that is clear, calm, flexible & happy.


Mellow Tribe Yoga uses breath & movement to bring to light the rawness within individuals to enhance our community members to lead a life that encourages health, continual growth, strengthening, life balance & flexibility. Mellow Tribe Yoga, encourages the community to connect with one another to flow as one & dazzle together with a more consistent feeling of feeling good.


Flowing in the heart space of love, Mellow Tribe Yoga works on individual & group levels to promote lasting wellness that moves with you, on and off the mat & into your daily life.



calm, centred, balanced


 connected, community



flexibility, strength