Past Events

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Vinyasa & complimentary coffee

YIN & Nidra

Embracing You - located on the Sunshine Coast, collaborating with non-for profit suicide prevention organisation Let Me Walk In Your Shoes. This event was created for individuals to come more into the present moment with becoming aware of their state of mind and strategies to keep them living in the present moment. The day began with a integrative, practical seminar style workshop that provided participants with the knowledge and tools to get out of their busy mind. A mellow style Yoga Flow followed shortly by a generous local vegan caterer.

EMBRACING YOU - Sunshine coast


Yoga & Didgeridoo Sound Healing Experience with Josh Hedge - The event located at Om Yeah Yoga studio Coffs Harbour, Josh & Alli collaborated on two seperate occasions to create evenings filled with breath, stillness & the opportunity for letting go of things that no longer serve us. Josh uses the didgeridoo to create sound vibrations which humans feel on the cellular level, to shift stagnant emotions that are held in areas of our bodies that can be released through the combination of holding  postures & the sound vibrations of the didgeridoo.

Yoga & Didgeridoo sound healing experience -

om Yeah Yoga COffs Harbour

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Om Yeah Yoga Studio, home of the Sangha Space.

Collab with Mellow Tribe 

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