Are you thinking about starting up with yoga?


Flow at your own pace

Mellow Flow

Tuesday 6:00am

Wednesday 7:15am 

Engage in Mellow Flow for a Hatha practice which

focuses on slow movements and holding postures for

about 1 minute to engage with the fascia in the body. 

Mellow flow enables a safe practice to relieve stress,

tension and tightness to stretch out the body into a

more comfortable state of being. 




Tuesday 7:15am

Wednesday 4:30pm

Vinyasa moves through asana poses at a faster pace to ignite heat in the body, simultaneously allowing you to learn greater control of your breath in the practice. Vinyasa also assists in revitalising your state of being physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 


Surf Style yoga

Wednesday 6:00am

Surf Style Yoga is a vinyasa based yoga class focusing on strengthening the body and calming the mind in which is used in the sporting area of surfing. This class focuses on the key muscles of surfing and offers opportunity to release and create flexibility in the hips and shoulders. 



Flow to Grow

Thursday 4:30pm 

This yoga class focuses on cultivating positive mental health whilst simultaneously flowing with the combination of class structures of Hatha and Vinyasa. Intention setting, breath work and mindfulness are activated as we flow through various asana postures.

what else is available?

  • Hens Yoga Classes
  • Workplace Yoga
  • Individual Private Lessons
  • Private Group Sessions